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Who Should Get Tested?

High Risk

If you are over 40, obese, a heavy drinker or smoker, then you are at increased risk for poor sperm health.

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Unexplained Infertility or Failed Cycle

If you have already hit some roadblocks in your treatment, Seed helps you determine your next step.

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Donor or Surrogate

Donor cycles average $35,0001, 40% greater than a standard IVF cycle. Get all the facts first.

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Go Beyond the Semen Analysis

Semen Analysis

A semen analysis can tell you if you have sperm, how well it moves, and if it has a normal shape. However, sperm count, motility, and morphology are very poor predictors of fertility.

Seed Epigenetic Test

Having sperm is not enough. Seed looks inside sperm to identify epigenetic problems in its DNA. These epigenetic problems can affect sperm function and proper embryo development.


Give Yourself the Best Chance for a Healthy Pregnancy

Whether you are struggling to get pregnant naturally or have already had an unsuccessful IVF cycle, Seed can help you decide on your best path forward.

Infertility is an expensive and emotionally draining experience. Seed helps you manage your own care, so you can make informed decisions on how you spend your time and money. Before you spend $24,000 on an IVF cycle, spend $495 to understand if sperm health will impact your chances of success.

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Designed by Experts. Processed in a CLIA Certified Lab.

Seed was developed by our team of leading reproductive health experts and computational biologists. All test samples are professionally handled at a CLIA Certified lab.

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“Epigenetic testing of sperm offers a new level of information into male fertility that has never existed before. With Seed physicians can better manage patient care and personalize each treatment plan.”

Dr. Doug Carrell, Ph.D., Episona Co-Founder, IVF and Andrology Lab Director at the University of Utah.


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Are you a fertility care provider? Talk to us about offering Seed in your clinic.

Seed gives you actionable information about a patient’s case, helping you develop a personalized treatment plan and better manage patient care.

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Better Information for Better Results

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