High Risk Factors for Poor Sperm Quality

Advanced paternal age, BMI, and lifestyle factors, are all linked to the fertility problems Episona’s sperm quality test uncovers.

Test Sperm Quality

Your age and lifestyle can change your sperm DNA.

Changes to your sperm DNA can affect your fertility.

Problems with male fertility could be keeping you from pregnancy.


High Risk Categories

Age and lifestyle factors are strongly linked with epigenetic abnormalities in sperm DNA, and an increase in these abnormalities is a sign of poor fertility. Men in the categories below are at higher risk for male infertility.

Advanced Paternal Age

It’s not just a woman’s fertility that declines as she ages. Men over 40 are more likely to experience trouble conceiving or making good quality embryos.

(BMI > 30)

Weight can affect male fertility as well. A BMI over 30 is associated with epigenetic abnormalities in sperm DNA.


Daily alcohol consumption by men is associated with difficulty getting pregnant.

Use of Tobacco

Regularly smoking tobacco can make conception more difficult and lower success rates for IVF.

Use of Marijuana

Regular smoking of marijuana is associated with epigenetic abnormalities in sperm.

Exposure to Toxins

Exposure to toxins or radiation, from a hazardous work environment or from cancer treatment, can decrease fertility.

Epigenetics and Your Fertility

Epigenetics is the study of how external and environmental factors can impact our DNA’s gene expression. Learn more about the science behind our test.

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An Epigenetic Sperm Test

The Episona Sperm Test is a new type of sperm quality test which examines epigenetic abnormalities in sperm DNA. The risk factors listed above are associated with an increase in abnormalities.

The amount and location of these abnormalities correlates with male infertility, and your test results will give you new insight into why you are struggling to conceive.


Take Charge of Your Health
and Your Fertility

Smoking cessation, weight loss, taking antioxidants, and other positive changes to your lifestyle can reduce the number of abnormalities in your sperm DNA and improve your fertility.

The Episona Sperm Test gives you better insight into your health and can provide the motivation you need to make positive changes.


Find Out If You Are At Risk


Find Out If You Are At Risk

Test Sperm Quality