Uncover Hidden Male Fertility Problems

Even when sperm count is normal, and sperm can fertilize an egg, problems in sperm DNA could be preventing a successful pregnancy.

Test Sperm Quality

Find Out What is Causing Unexplained Infertility

Unexplained infertility has a cause, you just haven’t found it yet. With your Episona Sperm Test results, you can learn new information about problems on the male side.


Learn Why IVF is Failing

From fertilization through embryo development, there is a lot that can go wrong with male fertility. Learn in you have abnormalities in genes associated with these five categories:

Testing Sperm Quality Versus Sperm Count

Even if a semen analysis is normal, there may be epigenetic abnormalities in your sperm DNA.

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Male Fertility Problems After Embryos Are Created

Don’t underestimate the role of sperm in achieving pregnancy. It has long been assumed that if sperm can reach the egg, there is no problem on the male side. However, even after an embryo has been created, naturally or through IVF, the male’s DNA can still have a role in problems with implantation, embryogenesis, and even early pregnancy loss.

“I will offer the Episona test to every new patient that walks into my office. My patients want to know why they aren’t getting pregnant. They will finally have more answers.”

– Aimee Eyvazzadeh, MD, MPH


Move Forward with Confidence

Infertility is an expensive and emotionally draining experience. The typical IVF cycle costs $24,000 and many couples are unsuccessful on the first try.

The Episona Sperm Test gives you new insight into male fertility, so you can make informed decisions on how you spend your time and money.


Better Information for Better Results

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