Unexplained Infertility? Failed IVF Cycle?

Understand if sperm health is impacting your chances of success before you spend time and money on another cycle.

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Infertility is an expensive and emotionally draining experience. The typical IVF cycle costs $24,0001 and many couples never learn why fertility problems are occurring.

Seed gives you new insight into male fertility, so you can make informed decisions on how you spend your time and money.


Compare Seed and The Standard Semen Analysis

The Semen Analysis

  • Relies on visual, objective, analysis
  • Checks for the presence of sperm
  • Examines sperm movement and shape
  • Focused on fertilization
  • Results can vary greatly

Seed: Epigenetic Screening

  • The only epigenetic analysis of sperm DNA
  • Looks at sperms role in every stage of conception
  • Quantifies abnormalities that may impact sperm function
  • Quantifies abnormalities that may impact embryo development
  • Measures impact of positive lifestyle changes

Seed Versus The Semen Analysis

Even if a semen analysis is normal, there may be epigenetic abnormalities in your sperm DNA.

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Discover the Male Role in Embryo Development

Don’t underestimate the role of sperm in achieving pregnancy. Even if sperm can reach the egg, it may not deliver the necessary information for a normal pregnancy to occur.

Epigenetic abnormalities in sperm DNA can impact proper embryo development.

“I will offer Seed to every new patient that walks into my office. My patients want to know why they aren’t getting pregnant. They will finally have more answers.”

– Aimee Eyvazzadeh, MD, MPH


Move Forward with Confidence

When IUI or IVF is unsuccessful, make sure to check for all possible male factor infertility issues.

Seed can uncover problems that decrease your chances for a successful pregnancy, allowing you to adjust treatment before your next cycle.


Better Information for Better Results

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