Andrew Smith - Episona
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Andrew Smith received a Bachelor of Arts (psychology; 2000), a Bachelor of Computer Science (2000) and a Ph.D. (theoretical computer science; 2004), all from University of New Brunswick, Canada. During 2002-2003, while completing his dissertation, Andrew worked as a research analyst for the Ontario Cancer Institute developing models of molecular evolution. A deep fascination with how genomes encode regulatory programs led Dr. Smith to pursue postdoctoral research with Michael Zhang at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, where he studied transcriptional regulation and designed algorithms for pattern discovery in genomes. Dr. Smith joined USC as Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences in 2008. Within three years he was principle investigator of two R01 grants from NHGRI, one focusing on the design of algorithmic and statistical methods to analyze genome-scale DNA methylation epigenetic data. In 2011, Dr. Smith led the analysis of the first high-resolution human sperm methylome (Molaro, etal., Cell 2011). Dr. Smith’s current research portfolio includes projects on comparative analysis of sperm DNA methylation in mammals, and the dynamics of DNA methylation during male germ cell development.