Episona Sperm Test

Identify problems in sperm DNA from fertilization through embryo development.

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Episona Sperm Test

Identify problems in sperm DNA from fertilization through embryo development.

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Better Information for Better Results

Infertility is an expensive and emotionally draining experience. Testing for sperm quality helps you make informed decisions on how you spend your time and money. Before you spend $24,000 on advanced reproductive treatments, spend $495 to understand if problems in sperm DNA will impact your chances of success.


Patient Testimonials

“Compared to all the female tests, The Episona Test is so much easier to use and costs so much less. If this would have been available when we began treatment years ago, it would have saved us a lot of money.”

– Hazel and Vimal Thilak

“We had my husband’s sperm tested even though we weren’t sure it would make a difference for us. But it ended up being a game changer.”

– Nikki Lea

Your Episona Test Results


Can You Conceive Naturally?

Male fertility is more than just sperm count, it’s sperm quality too. The Episona Test tells you your risk for infertility associated with sperm function.

A high risk means you may have a decreased chance of conceiving naturally or through artificial insemination, and need to consider moving to IVF.


Will Your Sperm Make Good Quality Embryos?

Even after sperm fertilizes an egg, it needs to deliver the right genetic information for pregnancy to occur. Your test results tell you your risk for infertility associated with poor embryo development.

A high risk means you may have an increased risk for poor embryo growth, implantation failure, or recurring pregnancy loss.


Where Are Fertility Problems Occurring?

Your Episona Test results will list out which genes we found abnormalities in and the research that has been done on those genes. Understanding which genes are contributing to your infertility can give you and your doctor new insight into your treatment approach.


Relative Risk:

Sperm Function (Migration)

Scientific References:
Xu (2013); Li (2013)

TASRs are taste receptors that are highly expressed in testis. It is thought these receptors impact sperm navigation towards the egg during fertilization. It is also thought that TASRs may be involved in spermatogenesis. 


Getting Started is Easy

  • Purchase a Test Kit

    A Physician will approve your order and a kit will be delivered to your home.

  • Create an Account

    When you receive your kit, follow the instructions to create an account on our site and register your kit.

  • Collect and Return Your Sample

    You’ll collect your sample and mail it back in the same pre-paid box. No refrigeration necessary.

  • Access Your Results Online

    You can login to your online account to see results. Genetic counseling is available over the phone.

“I would want to do a $500 test, so I don’t have to spend $20,000 to learn things the hard way. I would do a $500 test to find out if there is anything else that I could do differently before I spend that kind of emotion and finances on a cycle.”

– Aimee Eyvazzadeh, MD, MPH.


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