A New Tool to Evaluate Men’s Reproductive Health

Seed measures epigenetic abnormalities in sperm DNA to find fertility problems missed by the semen analysis.

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Can Your Patient’s Sperm
Make Good Quality Embryos?

The semen analysis is a poor predictor of male fertility.

Even if a semen analysis is normal, there can be epigenetic abnormalities in sperm DNA which are associated with poor sperm function and poor embryo development.


An Innovative New Tool Helping You Manage Patient Care

Seed helps you manage patient expectations during their fertility treatment and counsel them through tough decisions, such as whether it may be time to seek a donor. With more information about your male patient’s fertility, you can choose the best treatment plan.

Who Should Get Tested?

High Risk

If you are over 40, obese, a heavy drinker or smoker, then you are at increased risk for poor sperm health.

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Unexplained Infertility or Failed Cycle

If you have already hit some roadblocks in your treatment, Seed helps you determine your next step.

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Donor or Surrogate

Donor cycles average $35,000, 40% greater than a standard IVF cycle. Get all the facts first.

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