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Seed Male Fertility Test

Our advanced test looks deeper than a
semen analysis, empowering couples to
make informed treatment decisions.

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Seed Male Fertility Test

Our advanced test looks deeper than a
semen analysis, empowering couples to
make informed treatment decisions.

When should you take Seed?

Up front with your semen analysis.

To get a complete picture of male fertility, you need to look beyond semen parameters. Seed discovers problems at the level of DNA that affect sperm function.

Unexplained infertility or considering IVF.

If you’re a serious case, you’ll need help to decide what’s next. Seed helps you understand your risk for an unsuccessful cycle and can help you identify factors that may affect success.

Doctor and nurse with patient in examination room

Take a closer look at male factors.

You’re making big, expensive decisions about treatment without the whole picture. Male factors are responsible for infertility about half the time and 1 in 5 couples seeking care are diagnosed with unexplained infertility.


Taking the Seed male fertility test upfront along with a semen analysis, will help you and your doctor understand problems on the male side as well.

Doctor and nurse with patient in examination room
Father using cell phone with sleeping baby son

Personalize your treatment plan.

The Seed male fertility test can help your doctor decide what level of treatment is necessary and which type of treatment is most likely to work for your case. With more robust information, you get a more personalized treatment plan.

Understand where male problems may be occurring.

Learn where to focus treatment effort. Seed evaluates your fertility in two categories, male factor infertility risk and poor embryo development risk.

See how your results compare to other cases.

We’ll analyze 480,000 regions on your DNA for epigenetic abnormalities. Compare your abnormalities against other fertile and infertile cases.


Learn how Seed works

Learn about genes that impact your fertility.

Our male fertility test looks at problems with individual genes in your DNA and gives you more specific information about what is happening with your case.


From the report:

The ID3 gene is thought to be important for embryo development.
Supporting Studies: Lyden, Carroll

A discreet, at-home fertility test

Order from your doctor

Your doctor will need to order the
Seed male fertility test for you.
It’s quick and easy!

Collect your sample at home

We’ll send a collection kit to your home. You’ll send your sample back in the same pre-paid box.

Get your results online

We’ll analyze your sample at our CLIA certified lab and you can view your report securely online.

Seed is easy to use. See for yourself.

“I will offer Seed to every new patient that walks into my office. My patients want to know why they aren’t getting pregnant. They will finally have more answers.”
– Aimee Eyvazzadeh, MD, MPH

Ask your doctor about Seed.

Seed plays a big role in your fertility treatment and must be ordered by your doctor.


Standard Price: $895
Discounted Price: $495

A personalized test with a BIG impact.