What happens to my sample after data analysis?

If you consented to the optional component of the consent form, you gave Episona permission to store your sample at the lab. We currently do not have plans to conduct additional research. If the research team at Episona deems it necessary to perform additional research, we are required to gain your consent and the consent of the Institutional Review Board (IRB). We currently work with the University of Pennsylvania for our IRB reviews. Your sample will be destroyed upon your request. If you wish to do so after we have completed our data analysis, please contact us at support@www.episona.com.


Will I have access to my raw data?

Yes, you will have access to your raw data after completion of our validation study, which will be completed in 2016. Additionally, you will have access to the report that summarizes our research findings. When these data become available, you can access them by signing into your profile page.

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